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Large collection of abstract paintings for sale, multi colour art in different sizes, styles and shapes. All paintings are original modern paintings, abstract canvas art, ready to hang and come with Certificate of authenticity.

I love painting in different colours! In the past my favourite colour to paint in was mostly red, that’s why my earlier paintings are mostly red abstract art with gold and black. Lately I have been exploring different colours as well and I like softer colours too, they create a different feel to a painting and ultimately to a room where the painting will go!

I love my turquoise and blues, pinks and oranges, burgundy and yellow, and of course red, but

Red canvas art

is my favourite!

Saying that I think I need to upload more red abstract paintings then on my site!

You can also see that I have few different styles of painting. I love experimenting, because I think the best paintings appear when you are free to explore and unafraid of a challenge.

 Paintings for sale