Welcome to my Art Sale!

I love painting! There was a time when I was painting almost every day, so I have a great selection of original abstract artworks for sale. Many of them are displayed on this online art gallery.

Now and again I like to have an art sale, where I am happy to offer some of my original abstract paintings at discounted prices.

Now, it does not mean that it is an old painting or not as valuable as some of my other artworks. Some of my earlier art I love and cherish and few of them are in my private collection that is not for sale. I'd like to keep them for myself!

But now and again, I like to make my art more affordable to clients, and a good way to do it is an art sale! In the end of the day, who does not like a good competitive price?

In this way you can afford more than one original painting. And sometimes even when you don't plan on buying a painting, but then see some stunning original art at the right price, you may think: why not?

So here we are: collection of stunning unique original canvas art for sale at very affordable prices!

All paintings come with the certificate of authenticity and all of them are unique and one off pieces of art. The paintings come ready to hang to make it easier for you.

So have a look at my Art Sale Collection of original paintings, and do not forget to browse other collections too!

Cheers, Paresh

Abstract paintings for sale



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