Modern art paintings for sale

This is collection of original abstract paintings from my early years of painting.

I started painting as a kid , whilst at school, but those years i used to do a lot of figurative and portrait work. I loved the challenge and was getting my drawing almost photographic, to perfection!

Growing up I had become more impatient and wanted to challenge myself. I also had been inspired by great artists like Jackson Pollock and Picasso and I started experimenting with abstract style of painting.

If you look at my body of work from early years to present time, you can see the progression and transition if you like. The paintings have become more balanced and sophisticated, whereas the new work is raw, endearing and thought provoking.

I would like to think that amongst thousands of artists in the world, I was lucky enough to find myself as an artist and create my own unique style. Sometimes I get text messages from clients, telling me that they have seen my work on TV or in magazines, and they always get it spot on in recognising my art as mine.

Early years collection is a wonderful mix of original abstract art, abstract expressionism. Lots of colour, lots of freedom, very spontaneous, very gestural style of painting.

The paintings usually come stretched on a thin stretcher bar 18 mm profile or depth.

They are great for anyone who is not afraid of showing the world who they are in choosing this type of art for their homes/ offices, etc.

Modern art for sale