Influence of Art On Your Brain

Art can have a massive impact on one's life. Sometimes viewing an artwork, can evoke a deep emotions within one's psychic, ultimately connecting the original artwork with certain events of one's life or different experiences. Or it can captivate us for hours, drawing you in, asking questions that we have never asked ourselves.

Either way, art can and may have  a great influence on a person's life. That is why trends, fashion, music style, come and go but collecting or buying art is never going away; it is a way of expressing oneself through a piece of artwork that hangs on someone's walls.

 The impact or influence art can have on us is directly connected to how it affects our brain. Whether you create, view or study or analyze an original art or a painting, it stimulates the brain in most unusual and effective and unique way.

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 A painting of a person is not a person. And still, our brain is trained in such a way that it immediately recognises a person, and going further if it is a man or a woman or a child. Our brain instantly takes all the brush strokes, colour, all the different details and interprets into a familiar picture in our head that we can put a name to.

If you take an abstract art for instance, you cannot help but find familiar shapes and patterns to try and interpret the artwork. That is how human brain works. And the longer we look at an artwork, the more emotions travel through our body. If it is a beautiful work of art, the more we look at it, the more happiness and uplifting emotion we experience. In fact, according to the The Telegraph, looking at a beautiful sculpture, painting or any other type of art, increases the flow of blood to our brain by astonishing 10%, equivalent as looking at someone that you love.

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But viewing at an artwork doesn't end up with trying to recognise the shapes and patterns. When we see something we find familiar, such as a beautiful setting, beach or any other, we also often try to envision and imagine ourselves in it. For instance looking at the beautiful country scene or Italian vineyards, we imagine ourselves walking through the fields, enjoying the view and the sunshine, almost feeling the light breeze in the air.

This placement occurs through a process known as embodied cognition, in which mirror neurons in the brain turn things like action, movement, and energy you see in art into actual emotions you can feel. Once the embodied cognition starts, you appreciate the artwork even more.

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To summarise, the importance of art on a human brain is being intensively researched as we speak. Scientists all over the world recognise art as a powerful source of healing process and they recommend that we put ourselves in contact with art as much as possible to enrich our lives and feel it with positivity in these times.

Owning a piece of original art or a few, having it in your home, is like having a constant reminder of the beauty that surrounds us lifting our spirits and enriching our day to day lives.

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