I have been a full time artist for more than 15 years now.... and I can't imagine stopping at any time. This is what I love doing and this is what I am good at. 

Since early childhood I knew: I want to be an artist, and a good one. And I feel that your  response  to my work over these years have been overwhelming ! 

I sold my art all over the globe: UK, Europe, Middle East, US, Australia, Asia. I have been very lucky with people buying my art as this is how I have been supporting myself and my family. I always try to push the boundaries and come up with new artistic concepts and designs. I had started  figurative art when I was in college, then moved on to abstract ( which still remains my favourite style) and now I am trying to add some shapes and form to my work.

One of the new series that I created back in 2013 is butterfly collection. It had a massive success and it has been very gratifying to see that.

Here you can see some of my sold paintings. I sell online and I  sell through galleries as well. I have been lucky to be represented by few outstanding galleries in the UK,  and have formed great friendship over the years with gallery owners who love my work. That is one of the perks of my job if you can call it a job - meeting new people, making new connections, sometimes for life.

I cannot possibly put all the sold paintings here. But here are a few examples.

Hope you enjoy looking and can see how an original art by Paresh Nrshinga can transform your home adding that personal touch to your space. Art is a very personal subject -  it allows you to express yourself and be free. Let's take this journey together!