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Modern art for sale

Having an original art hanging on the walls of your home gives you a different kind of feeling: it gives you a pleasure of looking at a beautiful artwork; it enhances your sense of well being according to recent scientific research; it gives you a sense of belonging and also ability to express yourself as choosing an original art is a highly personal choice and in many cases a reflection of your personality.

Then also the aesthetics come in: the right colour scheme for the right room and fashion, there is always fashion!

Here, at Art Nrshinga, we are not shy of expressing ourselves through the medium of art, i.e. paint and canvas.... We always and I mean, always, keep an eye on fashion, so with our original artwork you will always be on trend! And then we have so many different styles and textures and styles and sizes to choose from. Art comes in all shapes and sizes like we all.

To celebrate ourselves being unique we have put together a marvellous collection of original art as our Home Page Art Collection: to showcase what is Art Nrshinga is all about.

Explore our vast Collection of modern paintings for sale, combination of different styles and sizes contemporary paintings. From extra large paintings to small size art, we have it all.

Buy original art from our online art gallery.

Abstract art for sale