Art and you

How art affects your life

I just uploaded one of my new paintings, "Chameleon", where I use a lot of different colours and I thought I'd share with you my point of view on colours and how they influence our life, mood, etc.

abstract art for sale Paresh NrshingaColour has a massive impact on our lives. In the end of the day, we are surrounded by colours. Everywhere you go, you can see a vast variety and different variations: red, blue, green, orange, pink, yellow, gold, cream, lilac, turqouise, and many many more...

.And don't forget black

Although we are not fully aware of their influence on us in our everyday life, the impact is very significant.


There was a research carried out in automobile industry how the colour of your car increases your chances of a crash or of it being stolen, or what is the safest car colour to drive of all? 

I have to admit it came as a surprise to me that black is the most unsafe to drive when it comes to cars, whereas  yellow cars are supposed to be the safest. Have a full read here.

Well, I still love my black car and I don't think I will be changing it  for a canary looking one unless it's a Lamborghini!

If you try to quiet your mind and reflect on what colours make you calm, what colours make you happy, angry or excited, chilled out or lethargic, you will be able to pinpoint your favourites and realise their impact on you. 

We all heard that blue colour has calming effect and apparently is supposed to reduce one's appetite. It is a fact that women favour the  red colour lipstick, especially if it's an important date they are meeting. And two words only: Red Carpet! ( That's Academy Award Ceremony or for more simple minded folks like me - Oscars).

So it is safe to say that colour is important in our lives. 

large abstract paintings for saleIf your house has this minimalistic, contemporary feel, with white walls and high ceilings, then you absolutely must have at least one piece in your original art collection, that has colour!                             

You can either use your personal  fashion sense or use Panthone Colour of the Year  as your colour guide or listen to your interior designer, or you can take time and read up on colour therapy and find out which one is for you.                    

For now... just sit back and enjoy browsing through my collections of original paintings. I promise you will be spoiled for choice. And if you see something you like, go ahead , press that magic button "Add to Cart" or if you want to have a chat or you have some more further questions, get in touch. I will call you the same day!


Best, Paresh x



Large abstract paintings