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Butterfly canvas art

This Butterfly wall art collection has the most exciting of the collages I have done up to date. I do not have that many paintings in here, on my online art gallery website as they sell very very quick, but if you wouyld like to see more, just message me and I will email you some images of the existing and sold paintings. 

Butterfly collage is an exciting  art project that I started few years ago. It takes a long time to create one art piece, as there are so many stages to creating butterfly collage art by Paresh Nrshinga!

Fist of all, of course, it is a canvas, that i either paint for a background or cover with gold leaf or silver leaf. Then I add some more washe or layers of acrylic paint to create deeper effect, and add few splashes of paint here and there.

Next stage is hand painted, individually cut out butterflies, that I paint each of them, making each and every butterfly unique. I usually place the butterfies on prepared background to see if anything needs to be changed, taken away or added. After that I glue them up, let them dry and may or may not varnish or coat them with gloss finish.

Some butterfly collage paintings I sell framed up, some are just on a hand stretched canvas, no frame, with sides painted or gold leafed, staples on the reverse so the painting has modern look and does not require framing.

These butterfly canvas collages are ideal for a gift, they usually small and cute, and make a great valentines or birthday gift.

If you are looking for different size or colours or size, do get in touch and we will arrange a commission painting just for you!

Enjoy exploring my butterfly art collection and do not forget to check out the rest of my web site - online art gallery.

Cheers, Paresh

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Nightfall (collage)
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Enchanted Forest I (collage, gold leaf)
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  • £895.00 GBP
Scarlett Dream (gloss)
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Sapphire Dream (butterfly collage)
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Crimson Waltz
  • £550.00 GBP

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Dance With Me Tonight I
  • From £395.00 GBP