Original Artwork Gives Us The Feels

 Original Artwork Gives Us The Feels

Original works of art can definitely give us a case of the feels.  For every brushstroke on the canvas there will be an emotion that goes with it.  For every piece of art for sale in the UK, there will be a buyer who just “gets it”.

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Art is original, art is unique - art inspires something different in each and every one of us.  But most importantly, having something of beauty hanging on our walls promotes feelings of positivity and belonging.  With “wellbeing” and “mindfulness” being the buzzwords for 2017, investing in a large canvas artwork that makes us smile, or a piece of geometric art that is perfectly in order,  is a true example of living in the moment and feeling inspired.

 Why does art make us feel so good?

My clients often tell me original art makes them feel happy on the inside. This must be true, because they often come back for more.  What starts off as a single piece, purchased to adorn just the one wall in their homes, gradually grows in to a burgeoning collection over the course of time.

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According to an article in The Telegraph, Professor Semir Zeki, chair in neuroaesthetics at University College London, conducted an experiment using brain scans to see what happens when you look at beautiful paintings.

He reported that “The blood flow increases for when looking at beautiful modern paintings just as it increases when you look at somebody you love. It tells us art induces a feel good sensation direct to the brain.” You can read the full article here

 It has long been known the beauty, in many forms, can lift our mood and instil a feeling of contentment.  But if you are still not convinced, here are the top 3 reasons that artwork makes us feel great!

large abstract art for sale

  • Feeling stressed? Art can help you with that…

 A study from the University of Westminster back in 2006,  found that participants' stress levels decreased dramatically after a lunchtime visit to an art gallery.  The participants reported their stress levels before entering the gallery and then spent 35 glorious minutes exploring the space in any way they wanted. When they left, they reported that they felt calmer and less stressed!

Now, here comes the science bit - the reason that they felt better was because they had lower concentrations of cortisol, which is more commonly known as the stress hormone. Cortisol levels can reduce dramatically when we are concentrating on something visual or when our mood is challenged by a happy memory or emotion.With many of us having hectic lifestyles, our levels of cortisol are often raised above normal levels. Increased levels can contribute to brain fog, anxiety, depression, mood swings, memory loss, concentration problems, and mental disorders of all kinds. Abstract paintings help us to relax, feel less stressed and look awesome on our walls.  House proud and happy all in one fell swoop - amazing! buy abstract paintings


  • Looking at art helps to boost our brains

 If you are looking for paintings for sale in the UK, you won’t be alone. Something in our brain responds when we look at a painting making finding the right contemporary art for sale a popular pass time for many of us.  Our brains are primed for enjoying art and other visual stimuli. For much longer than we have been writing stuff down, we have been drawing pictures to communicate. Humans have spent millennia staring at pictures on walls and interpreting them in our own special ways.

It is said that after looking at a piece of abstract or modern art, we feel more creative and open to learning.  We are also primed to feel more optimistic, more curious and ready to enjoy life more wholeheartedly.

 butterfly abstract paintings

  • Looking at modern art makes us want to have a go!

Art is so inspiring that it can result in the unexpected desire to get busy with the brushes ourselves. OK, many of us probably aren’t likely to become the next Picasso, but we can still enjoy the soothing feeling of putting paint to canvas, or pens to paper, or chalk to pavement…you get the drift.  Adult colouring books have become a real trend this year, with millennials choosing to grab their pencils and spend cosy evenings colouring within the lines.  There is a reason these are so successful - as humans, we like to create.  So, even if you are not quite ready to take on the art world just yet, enjoying modern or abstract art can still inspire us to have a go, either on our own of with the help of a colouring book.

  •  Inspiring artwork to make you feel that bit better about life

 At home in my studio I paint as a profession, as well as a way to express myself and  how I interpret the world around me.  If you are looking for contemporary or abstract artwork for sale in the UK, come and see me.  If you are looking for that warm and fuzzy feeling, buy a piece of art that speaks to you.  I guarantee it won’t let you down, and you’ll be bang on trend with a heart filled with feelings of wellbeing and mindfulness every time you see it! 

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