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Welcome to my collection of Abstract landscape paintings. I classify my original paintings in this collection as abstract landscapes based on orientation or shape really, as I think when you are looking for a painting for your home, you already know where you are going to hang it, hence you would know what kind of shape you are looking for: abstract square art or abstract landscapes. Abstract landscapes always go above sofa, bed or a dining table.

Large original paintings

I have a great variety of sizes of painting: from extra large art, large art to medium art and small art. Some are long and slim, some are a bit wider. 

I also have a variation of styles and techniques that I have developed over the years. Usually I use acrylic paints, sometimes oils and at times mixed media.

If you like my work or any particular painting, but looking for a different size or different colours, please get in touch and I will create a stunning painting for you meeting all your requirements.

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to share your favourite art and sign up for a newsletter!

9 products found in RECTANGULAR ABSTRACT ART

Stop and Smell The Roses
  • £495.00 GBP
Find The Love I
  • £495.00 GBP
Caramel Dunes I and II
  • £1,200.00 GBP
Caramel Dunes II
  • £695.00 GBP
Caramel Dunes I
  • £695.00 GBP
Capture Your Wish
  • £895.00 GBP
Dance with Me
  • £995.00 GBP
Ocean Breeze I
  • £895.00 GBP
  • £950.00 GBP