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Geometric Art

Original abstract art, geometric art, inspired by Mark Rothko. 

I use my own imagination and own developed unique techniques to create these canvas artworks which you can see in my online art gallery here. All paintings are painted on canvas, using acrylic and sometimes oil paints. I use a large number of layers, to create depth of colour, adding layer after layer of paint, letting it dry and adding more colour on top.

I love Rothko's simplicity: it is simple but at the same time really mesmerising....

This type of original art is great for contemporary designs and interiors. Modern art for modern homes and offices. Muted and sometimes bold colours, the variations are unlimited.

If you like what you see but looking for something else, do get in touch and I will create a stunning Rothko inspired painting just for you. 

Mark Rothko artwork.

Mark Rothko was one of the greatest artist in my opinion, and he definitely left his mark in the art world. He always wanted to push the boundaries on how art is viewed and get a genuine reaction from his viewers.

His art was ground breaking at the time and very original. He is inspiration to thousands of artist, myself included, even till this day.

The concept is quite simple and unique: bands and squares of colour, but the variations are unlimited and you can let your imagination run wild. The depth of colour achieved by adding paint layer after layer, using rollers or spatulas sometimes, letting the paint dry and creating different visual effects.

Rothko art is always popular with interior designers, as it is calm and has a clean feel to it.

If you like Mark Rothko art, then this collection is for you. I took his art as inspiration and added my own vision and twist to it, using my favourite colours. Most of the colours are used in my other abstract paintings as well, such as red, brown, taupe, blue and variations of it. That's the one of the extra unique points my artwork has: although it is done by one artist, myself, you can have more than one of my paintings in your house, choosing different styles but the same colours paintings, or same style art with different colour scheme.

This geometric art is great for modern interiors, as it highlights the colours you like in your living space. Traditionally Rothko paintings are hung vertically as a portrait but it is up to you how you decide to hang your modern painting in your home.

I have a wide variety of Rothko inspired art for sale. Not all of my paintings are in my online art gallery, so if you are looking for something slightly different, do get in touch.

I recently finished 4 lovely commissions in Rothko artwork for one of my clients and in his setting the paintings look absolutely stunning.

Geometric art is a great solution to enhancing your office, living room or hall way space with some great original art.

Some painting with rich red colour bring energy, as the more darker and muted contemporary paintings in Rothko style bring calm and peace.

Have a look at some of my Rothko inspired paintings that I have created in this video.

 This Rothko artwork, geomteric art, looks best in modern homes with contemporary interiors.

Hope you find one that you like.

Keep sharing,

Cheers, Paresh

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Red on Maroon Rothko I
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Rothko Taupe I
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