How to Order Bespoke Art Online

Bespoke wall art 

THE ARTS  Industry in recent years have adopted a SaaS business model like many other industries. Nowadays, one can practically do anything from the comfort of their home with a laptop, mobile or tablet, including the purchase of bespoke commissioned arts.c
There is no doubt a variety of benefits is associated with online art gallery including - a huge selection of artists, an array of arts, a more comfortable environment for buyers, secure payment solutions and more. Technology is helping to drive a shift in the way art is bought and sold.

But while buying abstract canvas art online will have certain advantages over trekking from gallery to gallery, it also poses some unique challenges as well. Imagine browsing online for a particular art collection, style, shape, size, colour, etc. It can be quite hectic going through different artworks and online galleries searching for that perfect artwork. Are you one of such people? Then dry your eyes.
If you reside in the United Kingdom, it's a simple, effortless commissioning process. I've made the whole experience of buying a bespoke artwork a very enjoyable and straightforward one. No agreements to sign, no financial commitment up-front and everything completed on time.
I offer commissioned bespoke art services to all my clients. Yes, including you! I will paint your dream art with your specifications including size, canvas type, style, condition, colour, etc. I will also deliver your artwork to your home  if you live not far, and I will pop in and help put up the bespoke art. How cool is that!
I am aware you might be thinking how this works. Let me explain the process; it is very simple, straightforward and stress-free.
Consider the kind of art you want and where the piece of art will go on your wall. Let me know the titles of your favourite paintings from my site, preferred colours and size and we are good to go. If you have specific colours in mind and do have swatches, just put them in the post and I will use them to match your colours.


If you have could take a photo of the wall area (where you desire to hang the painting), all you need is your camera phone, just WhatsApp or email it to me , and I will Photoshop the recommended image on, so you will see what it will look like. I will make repeated adjustment until we agree on the size, style, shape, and colours, and price.
Secondly, once you are happy with the Photoshop sample, I will proceed with painting the artwork. It customarily takes between 3-4 weeks to complete the job, depending on intricacy and size of the painting. If it's a regular size canvas (similar to what we display on our site), I will work on several to give you a choice. If the commission is extra-large, we may have to agree on a small deposit to cover the costs of ordering custom made stretcher bars and canvas.
Thirdly, once the commissions are ready I'll send you the images. If it is a regular size canvas, I would paint a couple of paintings for you to choose from. Let me reassure you: I have 99.99% commission success rate. Sometimes my customers have such hard time deciding which painting they like more, they buy both! (true story by the way)  You will be happy with the end result!

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Finally, once you're happy you'd like to see all the paintings I have created for you I'll bring everything with me on installation day to enable you choose your preferred painting. 
We'll work together to get the original painting you've always wanted. I will listen to instructions, paint to perfection, and create something unique and outstanding that you and I will be very proud of. I have an extensive list of satisfied clients I have painted for, and any one of them will be happy to tell you how awesome the whole thing is. If you want impartial testimonials, I'll put you in touch with previos clients. Client satisfaction is a guarantee, and we have 99. 99% success rate in creating unique art. Get in touch today for a chance to own a unique commissioned painting.
Email me here: I would like to discuss a commission painting.

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