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Abstract art for sale

This is an abstract art collection that consists of abstract square paintings - abstract canvas art: small and large, medium and extra large. Classification is by orientation and shape. Mostly abstract canvas paintings for sale, as the butterfly and mixed media artwork is in separate collections: such as butterfly wall art and mixed media art.

These abstract paintings are created by using acrylic and sometimes oil paints on canvas. Usually they have quite flat appearence, whereas textured abstract art (mixed media art) and butterfly collages (butterfly wall art) are created using different media, such as paint, gold leaf, texture and they are different in appearance. They have slightly raised, non flat look.

All artwork in this collection are original paintings and are for sale unless it states that it is sold.

If you like a painting but need different size or slight variation of colour, please get in touch as I have more original art in my studio and we may find something that is just fits your criteria.

Here is a short video of some abstract paintings I have created recently. I love the mix of colours that the brush stroke creates, it is almost like a three dimensional painting, at least some of them. All paintings are original paintings, one off, which means that you will not find anything the same or identical.

Take a look here:


Abstract paintings have been very popular when it comes to decorating your home.

It is more about the colours and composition that a painting creates, and it is easy to use original abstract canvases to enhance certain colours or current fashion styles in your modern decor... For instance if you have blue  accessories such as vases or cuchions, curtains or furniture and blank walls, you can enhance your living room or bedroom ( as in the photo below) with a blue abstract painting.

blue abstract art for sale Paresh Nrshinga

It is always good to step put of your comfort zone and to try something new when trying to redecorate your house. Some people use interior designe companies to help them with newest trends and designs, but these days when so much information is available online, it is definitely less of a daunting project or task. Even looking through some interior design magazines or online web sites, can give you a pretty good indication where the fashion is moving towards to.

And then also it is good to listen to your heart when chosing an abstract art for your home. Deciding on a painting sometimes can feel like falling in love. Sometimes it is love at the first sight, sometimes it grows on us with time. When choosing the art for your home, also important to pay attention to how a particular painting that you are about to buy makes you feel. Does it fit the space where you are thinking to hang it? Does it invoke  positive feelings, happy thoughts, feeling of calm and peace?

butterfly paintings for sale Paresh Nrshinga

Thank you for stopping by, and as always, don't forget to share or subscribe to my newsletter! And you are always welcome to revisit my online art gallery.

Cheers, Paresh.