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Abstract art for sale

Here you can see all of my paintings together. I do have separate collections where you can choose how you would like to see my paintings, classified by size, type, orientation, colour, but there, in this collection, you can see them all together.

You can also use Search bar to filter any of the paintings.

I have been painting over 15 years and have been experimenting with different styles and media, so you can see a reflection of that in this collection.

I have abstract square paintings, abstract landscapes, Rothko inspired artwork, figurative art collection, abstract floral paintings, geometric art, mixed media paintings and also my butterfly wall art series.

I hope you like what you see. I try to use diferent colours and sizes and styles and every day in the studio is an adventure for me. I love doing what I do and I hope that reflects through my art. I have been extermely lucky to be able to do it full time with the help of my clients and fans.

Thank you for stopping by!

Cheers, Paresh.

Affordable Abstract Art

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Find The Love I
  • £495.00 GBP
Caramel Dunes I and II
  • £1,200.00 GBP
Caramel Dunes II
  • £695.00 GBP
Caramel Dunes I
  • £695.00 GBP
Capture Your Wish
  • £895.00 GBP
  • £650.00 GBP
Sometimes I Dream
  • £795.00 GBP
Ocean Breeze I
  • £895.00 GBP
Paradise lost
  • £695.00 GBP
Path of Life (mixed media)
  • £995.00 GBP
Strings Of Love
  • £750.00 GBP
  • £950.00 GBP
Lilac Waltz
  • £695.00 GBP
Autumn Illusion
  • £995.00 GBP