Art Consultation

view art in the comfort of your home

Many people start looking for art or visiting art galleries, once they completed their house renovation or redecoration.

It can be quite a task, trying to figure out what would look good in your home or on your walls, and it is not always easy to make that decision on your own.

Something that should be exciting and fulfilling can often become bewildering, confusing, and time consuming.

Our team of expert Art Consultants will give you a hand in choosing right art for your home or office, taking in consideration your personal taste and the specifics of your interiors. Think of it as having a personal Interior designer at your disposal free of charge.

We will expertly put together a collection of paintings potentially suitable for your home, based on your feedback, and will bring it to your home/office at suitable time to view it in the comfort of your home. You will be able to see which paintings look the best insitu.

choose the art

Choose your favourite artworks from our online art gallery and email us the titles of the paintings you like. Or if you are unsure which paintings to pick, give us a call and we will talk you through different options.

Pick a date and time

Let us know the date and time that is suitable for our Consultant's visit at your home/office, where we will bring a selection of artworks to your home to try it out.

confirm the visit

Confirm the visit by email or phone. Our Consultant will see you at your home and will discuss different options, whilst trying different artworks on the walls and helping you to make a choice.