Home Consultation

Art Home Consultation  

is an extremely popular service that we are happy to provide free of charge.

Sometimes when you are not sure what size, style or colours would look perfect on your wall and/or would like to have a second opinion, here I come with my experience and professional eye.

I have been doing this for over 20 years: placing original art in residential and commercial projects, and I will try my best to make the whole process of choosing the right art for your interiors easy and stress free.

If you would like to arrange a home/business consultation the first thing to do would be to get in touch. You can either email me or give me a call: +44(0)7970531675.

The key points that we will cover in our conversation or correspondence will be:

Sometimes it also makes it easier but not necessary if you can email me the photos of the walls/locations where a painting would go, and we can try to super impose (Photoshop) chosen painting's image on to the wall's photo.

The next step is to arrange a day and time suitable for me to visit your home/office where I would bring a selection of paintings for you to try on your walls. In this way you would get a much better idea of how the art would look in your home/office! affordable abstract art

Over the past few years we have helped:

  • Homeowners who are looking to buy a perfect original painting to add personal and unique touch to their living environment or  to  enhance or finish off the décor of a room
  • People who are  looking for the perfect gift for an important occasion, - anniversary, birthday, wedding gift for their loved ones
  • Hotel owners/managers and landlords who are looking  to provide a welcoming, relaxing environment for guests  or  tenants
  • Business owners/management who understand the value and power of art in stimulating  their employees performance and creating a beautiful and inspiring environment for their clientele
  • Art Collectors who are interested in building their art investment portfolio

Don't get shy, get in touch today!