Are we affected by Colour in our Lives

We are surrounded by colour in our everyday lives: blue, yellow, red, black, green, orange and many more. Different colours "get" or evoke a different emotions in us and colour preference also varies from person to person. Although there are common traits and characteristics ( or shall we say cliches?)

For instance, red is a colour of passion, and yellow.... happiness, anyone? 
Then again everyone has a favourite colour, especially children. Girls predominantly like pink and boys blue. 

Well, that is certainly true in my son's case: anything blue goes.
That's not my kid by the way :)

As we grow older, our life journeys alter our appreciation and understanding and emotional connection with colours. And then.... there's Fashion......................

This year teal colours and any variation of teal, blue and turquoise have emerged as the new fashion trend, and army of interior designers embraced this colour as the new "black". 
Needless to say, it is extremely attractive colour and mixed up with other colours it can create a beautiful addition to your interiors, especially if we do not saturate our whole home/house with it but are very selective. And choose to have one statement piece for instance - art - and throw in few teal/blue accessories for a good measure. 
Here are few examples how to you can stay "on trend" with "teal-mania" using my original abstract paintings or even art prints if you are on a budget? 

Art Cushion
"Morning Dream Series
Available in three size

So here is my take on blue/teal trend and a bit of advertisement of my blue art :)
After all, self promotion is the King :)
Cheers, RN.



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