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I have a few framed paintings and although they are absolutely stunning ( in my opinion!), they tend to take a lot of space. I need to free the space up in my studio to create my new collection, hence why I am prepared to let these ones go at ridiculously low prices!

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Morning Breeze I (collage)
  • £250.00 GBP
Another day in paradise I (collage)
  • £325.00 GBP
Another day in paradise II (collage)
  • £325.00 GBP
Song Of The Night
  • £450.00 GBP
Moon River
  • £650.00 GBP
  • £350.00 GBP
Chasing Shadows
  • £400.00 GBP
  • £300.00 GBP
Silent Night
  • £450.00 GBP
Mexican Retreat
  • £495.00 GBP
Night Garden II (collage)
  • £325.00 GBP
Night Garden I (collage)
  • £325.00 GBP